First let me say thank you from the bottom of my heart to EVERYONE that supportrd me throughout the election. I truly appreciate each one of you. Special thanks to my family and amazing team for their support. WE ran a hell of a race and have nothing to be ashamed about. While we didn’t get enough votes to declare victory, I truly don’t see this as a loss.

My journey into local politics has consisted of shaking systems up and opening doors for others. This is a role that I don’t take lightly. When I first got elected as a Councilwoman in 2008, I was a young black 28-year-old female from McKeesport. A town that  many label as being good in mostly sports or known for crime. However, I understood the importance of representation and how this relates to esteem in children of color. To all the youth reading this “Never let anyone, or system silence you, or limit your voice and if they try FIGHT LIKE HELL”.

To, the local progressives don’t be discouraged. We know this is a marathon and not a sprint. Let’s continue to build and change systems.


I will continue to unapologetically advocate and organize around local, statewide and national issues with my community organization Take Action Mon Valley (TAMV). Thank You

Fawn Walker-Montgomery, MS


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