Fairness, Transparency and Reform:

  • Develop a human rights ordinance to advocate for the rights of the LGBTQIA+, women  and minorities. 

  • Work to reduce arrest of minorities, especially juveniles. 

  • Establish a renters rights ordinance that will ensure housing equity in the City of McKeesport. 

  • Implement town hall meetings between elected officials, police and community. Continue to work on implementing a county wide citizens police review board and community policing as an effective way to enhance police-community relations and public safety. Further, emphasizing that community policing is a "philosophy" that one has to believe and not a program.

  • Implement bi-annual mental health evaluation for police officers. 

  • As a mental health professional, with 19 years experience, Fawn sees the value of understanding how mental health is connected to violence. To, put this theory into practice Fawn will push to have social workers collaborate with police officers. 

  • Advocate for environmental justice focusing on clean air policies and exposures to lead poisoning.

  • During college Fawn worked on campaign finance reform. She believes that the cost of running for office leads way for special interest and status quo politics to manipulate election outcomes, promote corruption & shape public policy. Fawn will continue to advocate for a fair election process that gets money out of politics. 

  • During Fawn's run for State Representative she advocated for making our region safe for immigrants and is in favor of  sanctuary cities. As Mayor Fawn will continue this by making McKeesport a city that is welcoming to everyone. 





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