Crime, Drugs and Public Safety:

  • Crime and drugs are symptoms of poverty and inequality. One way to combat this is to create jobs. Fawn will work with business groups as well as labor unions to spark economic growth and bring more family-sustaining jobs to McKeesport. 

  • Attract and collaborate to bring industries such as robotics to McKeesport. Primarily they have been located in Pittsburgh. However, we have the space and reasonably priced real estate to attract this industry. 

  • Create effective job training & readiness programs as well as apprenticeships that will put people back to work in McKeesport. 

  • Work to reform the criminal justice system and address the overwhelming amount of unsolved homicides, incarceration rate and witness protection. 

  •  Focus on increasing mental health resources that practice trauma informed care in McKeesport, utilization of culturally appropriate assessments and increase funding for faith based organizations. 

  • Collobrate with local churches, non profits, and schools to create weekly "safe spots" for youth with evening hours, transportation/,community activities bus and programs that utilize trauma informed care to discuss community violence.

  • Collaborate with local foundations to create a community scholarship fund that assist parents with paying fees for youth activities such as football, cheerleading, basketball etc. This fund can also help local sports leagues with uniform assistance. 

  • In 2014 Fawn co-founded Take Action Mon Valley (TAMV) to address community violence with local residents. TAMV was just awarded an opportunity grant to support general operations and expansion of programming. TAMV is a community grassroots program designed to combat community violence through activism and organizing.